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Philippines Live Casinos

Live Casino dealer games have undoubtedly revolutionized online gambling. The wave of innovation has reached the shores of Southeast Asia and the urban blocks of Metro Manila, as well, introducing avid gamblers to the new ways in which they can enjoy their passion. Gambling, in some form or other, has been present all over the archipelago since the 16th century. At some point, nearly every village in the Philippines had its own cockpit and cockfighting was the favourite past time of the locals. The country survived Spanish, then American occupation and finally developed its own government regulation and conducted centralization of all existing games of chance on the Philippine territory.

Apart from native gambling games such as Jueteng or Wetting, bingo is very big in the Philippines. In addition, the land-based casinos scene is larger than the one in Macau, as more than 20 live casino venues in the Metro Manila area alone prove to be essential to the country’s tourism and revenue. In a way, the Philippine gambling industry exploits the fact that the Chinese have money to spend and they love to gamble, for which they would have to travel abroad or go to Macau if it weren’t for the colourful Manila resorts.

People come to the Philippines to gamble, but what about locals who wish to take their stakes away from the familiar environment of their backyard and enjoy placing bets with some privacy? They are well taken care of, as a fair number of selected online casinos exist on the web which have live dealer games and will gladly accept them.